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Tags: ION BUCUR , motivation , managerial competencies , managerial performance , global managerial potential




University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Psychology


The study aimed to determine the impact of motivation on performance management. Research dedicated to success in various fields shows that motivation and other predictors are important predictors. The ultimate goal is to determine which is the most practical and efficient method for selection and promotion companies and also to determine a properly structured intervention to improve managerial performance. The study also aimed to demonstrate if motivation can be a necessary and sufficient criterion in the managers’ selection and promotion. The study was conducted on a sample of 247 managers from Romania, in various fields, from the private business (IT, online market research, real estate, educational services). Motivation was considered as a variable obtained by the aggregation of the NEO-PI-R scales, with other variables that predict performance (GMA-general mental ability, career motivation - self-assessment, potential global management, managerial skills), and managerial performance. The results indicate that managerial motivation influences the managerial performance along with other measured variables. This implies further studies to improve the equation and introduce other important variables in the prediction of managerial performance. The results confirm the results in other studies. Motivation is not sufficient to predict performance, confirming the results of other studies, but it remains an important predictor of it.

Keywords: motivation, managerial competencies, managerial performance, global managerial potential.


This article can be cited as:

I. Bucur (2011). Motivation influence on managerial performance. Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology vol. 2, no.1, pp. 29-40, 2011.

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