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Tags: ANA-MARIA CAZAN , learning styles , learning strategies , metacognition , self-regulation


University Transilvania of Brașov,
Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences


The Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire is one of the most used instruments for the evaluation of self-regulated learning. The purpose of this research is to estimate some psychometric properties of MSLQ scales, after their translation in Romanian. The scales analyzed through this research are the cognitive self-regulation scales, including also metacognitive scales. We suppose that there is a high level of overlapping between self-regulation measured by MSLQ (The Motivated Strategies of Learning Questionnaire) and self-regulation measured by other instruments measuring self-regulation, ILS (Inventory of Learning Styles). Both MSLQ and ILS combine students’ beliefs and regulation and processing strategies. Also, both instruments are applicable for the university level. The paper focuses mainly on the convergent validation of MSLQ. The results showed a moderately positive inter-correlation between the two instruments. We can conclude that self-regulation scales from MSLQ are able to measure students’ learning strategies in a reliable and valid manner.  

Keywords: learning styles, learning strategies, metacognition, self-regulation.

This article can be cited as:

A.M. Cazan (2011). Psychometric properties of cognitive self regulation MSLQ scales. Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology vol. 2, no.1, pp. 49-57, 2011.

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