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Tags: SEBASTIAN VLĂSCEANU , leadership , emotional intelligence , organizational change



University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Psychology


The aim of this article is to study the leadership and emotional intelligence in the context of organizational dynamics. This article is aims to investigate leadership with regard to previous theories and the perspective of a management based on emotional intelligence within the organizational changes. Starting off with a series of theoretical approaches to leadership, this article forays the science literature approaching behavioral theories, cognitive theories, primal situational theories and the theory of social interactions. The management based on emotional intelligence has been investigated with regard to organizations climate, affective resonance phenomenon and affective disharmony. The role played by emotions within organizations and also the approach to leadership as a social interaction were emphasized. Also the four fields of emotional intelligence and their corresponding dimensions were presented and explained. The leadership is also inquired on the perspective of organizational climate change with regard to factors that influence organizational change. In the last part of the article a emphasize is made upon the employees resistance to change and also on the efficiency and the leadership methods which aim to overcome all these. To conclude the article makes an inquiry in a series of aspects of organizational leadership emphasizing the benefits of a management based on emotional intelligence taking also into account the leadership theories and a series of several other aspects.

Keywords: leadership, emotional intelligence, organizational change

This article can be cited as:

6. Leadership and emotional intelligence in the context of organizational dynamics. Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology, vol. 3, no.1, pp. 43-50, 2012. 

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