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Tags: MIHAI VALENTIN CIOLACU , organization , leadership , revitalizing , human resources


University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Organizational Sciences, Department of Psychology


To understand which factors lead the organization to a low level of vitality, we present the main dysfunctional leadership styles and their effects on employee’s productivity. The article presents the values of a successful leader and how organizations form their future leaders in order to ensure continuity and growth. Due to more frequent changes due to technological developments many companies are forced to form reliable leaders with increasingly reduced resources and in a short period of time. A company cannot survive for a long time if its leaders do not take into account the company’s level of vitality.
This article addresses the issue of reviving an organization bringing answers to the following questions: when and how to begin implementing a process of revitalization to our organization? Which are the aspects we should pay special attention to when referring to a company’s revitalization? How important is innovation in the context of the globally growing competition? Is the organization’s management ready for change? The revitalization process is a process of organizational change implemented and accepted by the organization. The implementation of this process brings value, vitality, and enthusiasm to the organization.

Keywords: organization, leadership, revitalizing, human resources

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3.M.V. Ciolacu (2012). Human resources management in revitalizing the organization. Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology, vol. 3, no.1, pp. 12-17, 2012.

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