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Tags: FLORINDA GOLU , work , satisfaction , team work , organizational environment , unemployment


University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Psychology


Work responds to some basic biological needs - food, shelter, defense – as well as some special needs of socio-cultural origin - clothing need, entertainment, travel, education, comfort, self-realization. Job satisfaction increases if people find a job consistent with their interests, values and personality. This article highlights the fact that for some young people socializing through work is not so easy. They have a hard time learning how to obtain satisfaction from work. Some find it difficult to work a regular schedule, or under supervision, and some never discover the type of work they would like to do or prefer leisure activities. At work, people perform various organizational roles, roles they play in different ways and with varying degrees of competence in terms of interaction with others. Here we speak about some social skills. The findings of this literary synthesis shows that most people prefer varied, interesting, challenging work that enables them to use their skills, those work components that provide intrinsic rewards, and persons satisfied by demanding and complex jobs are the ones that wish to learn and to develop.

Keywords: work, satisfaction, team work, organizational environment, unemployment

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4. F. Golu (2013). Work - central dimension of life. Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology, vol. 3, no.4, pp. 29-40, 2013. 

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