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Tags: VALERIA NEGOVAN , educational psychology , school psychology , school psychology services and practices.

The relation psychology – education: an imperative need of reconfiguration in the 21stcentury

Valeria Negovan

University of Bucharest,

Department of Psychology


This article focuses on the complex relationship between psychology, instruction and education in the contemporary context which re/configures most of the relations between the dimensions of the present-day society. The article aims to transmit the message that in all the changes of the “School of the 21st Century”, the psychological component/dimension is stated as essential, therefore education/school needs psychological knowledge and services and psychologists may extend and diversify their contribution to the understanding, explaining and optimizing education and school (as an existential space and as an institution).

Cuvinte cheie:   psihologie educaţională, psihologie şcolară, servicii şi practici în psihologia şcolară.

Keywords:  educational psychology, school psychology, school psychology services and practices.

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