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Tags: MIHAELA CHRAIF , memory impairments , smart devices , semantic memory , procedural memory , Quality of Life.

Memory care electronic devices as support for elderly cognitive impairments

Mihaela Chraif

Bucharest University

Department of Psychology


In this article are presented aspects of memory impairment Elderly and the ability to provide electronic support in daily activities. As discussed in the theoretical background, semantic memory is suffering irreversible deterioration. Hence, individuals start to forget beginning with 45-50 years old informations as: names, locations, telephone numbers, agenda schedule, etc. The procedural memory is maintained at optimal menu items with elderly. The new technological breakthroughs offer intelligent tutoring systems as support of daily activities. The elderly can use these systems in optimization of the activities performed as support of memory impairments. The new generations of the smart electronic devices are very flexible and adaptable for the each individual according the level of knowledge and usability. The interface is also adapted and very friendly encouraging the usability. Furthermore, the smart devices as activities support may increase the quality of life, perceived health and the level of wellbeing for the elderly.

Keywords: memory impairments, smart devices, semantic memory, procedural memory, Quality of Life.

Cunvinte cheie: deficienţe de memorie, dispozitive inteligente, memoria semantică, memoria procedurală, calitatea vieții.

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