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Tags: ALEKSANDRA JASIELSKA , career success , psychological gender , national culture , emotional intelligence

Women’s career success in a man’s workplace – a cross-national study

Aleksandra Jasielska

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland

Institute of Psychology


Emotional intelligence, psychological gender, work engagement, and masculinity of the national culture as predictors of women’s experienced success in a male work environment are analyzed. Bank employees in Poland (N=39), Romania (N=48) and Austria (N=65) participated in this cross-national study. Work engagement and emotional intelligence were significantly related to experienced success. A significant relationship was also found between masculine psychological gender and success irrespective of biological sex. Masculine women also declared higher levels of success in their banking careers than feminine women. Women from countries differing in masculinity of their natural culture manifested different levels of career success and Romanian women declared the highest level of success. Both psychological gender and culture may be considered as determinants of career success.

Cuvinte cheie: succesul in cariera, variabila gen, cultura națională, inteligenţa emoţională

Keywords: career success, psychological gender, national culture, emotional intelligence

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