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Tags: ANDRA CRACIUN , religious ideas , psychological levels , religious beliefs , behavior , development

 Research review regarding religious beliefs and their role in one's psychological life

Andra Crăciun

University of Bucharest,

Department of Psychology


The present article intends to present a brief review of the professional literature regarding the approach of a person's religious life as a psychological concept. It is already well known that religion is involved in people's life since the beginning of all ages. It embraces human needs such as answering important questions related to our existence, the need of knowing that one is not alone in this world, that there is always somebody (or something) who answers our hopes. Mankind has started its history by defining religion in one way or another – no matter the number of gods and no matter the set of believes system, the supernatural has filled knowledge gaps for ages. Even though science has bought us measurable and observable answers to almost all the questions bothering us, religion will continue to be a part of the human kind's existence for many generations to come. As religion still plays an important (sometimes defining) role in the lives of many, it is important to be regarded, including by psychologists, as an important study construct.  The reason which lies beneath this argument is that religion is able to affect (both positively and, sometimes, negatively) all sides of the psychological and behavioral dimension: the cognitive level, a person's social involvement and types of relationships and, maybe in the most powerful manner, the emotional life.

Cuvinte cheie:  religious ideas, psychological levels, religious beliefs, behavior, development  

Keywords:idei religioase, nivele psihologice, credințe religioase, comportament, dezvoltare.

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