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Tags: Internet attitude , computer anxiety , self-efficacy , Romanian students , ELENA COCORADA

The internet attitude with socio-humanities high-school and university students


aTransilvania University of Braşov, Department of Psychology and Training in Education


The internet is used in the educational environment in order to support the learning process, offering help in searching for the information, building knowledge by confronting other opinions, both in face to face and distance learning.The effective use of the internet as a means of learning requires adequate competences and favorable attitudes towards it. The current research aims to examine the attitude toward the Internet with Romanian high-school and university students, its variance according to gender, age, experience, school cycle and the association with personality variables. Previous or more recent studies, conducted on populations varying in point of age, occupation or geographical area have led to divergent results. In order to conduct the correlational study, specific instruments, known in the world literature were used: Internet Attitude Scale, Computer Anxiety Rating Scale, Computer Self-efficacy Scale, and Core Self-Evaluations Scale. All the instruments have good psychometric qualities. The results show that the research participants experience internet anxiety or unfavorable attitude, its intensity being higher with male participants than with female participants. The attitude towards the internet is associated to some personality features such as core self-evaluation, computer self-efficacy, anxiety towards the computer, educational level. The conclusions of the research could be used in order to differently manage the learning situations in which high-school and university students use the internet as a means of finding learning information and interaction.

Cuvinte cheie:atitudine faţă de Internet, anxietate faţă de computer, eficacitate de sine, elevi şi studenţi români.

Keywords:Internet attitude, computer anxiety, self-efficacy, Romanian students.

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