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Tags: stress , adaption , Romanian culture , organizational , context , turnover , MIHAILĂ TEODOR

Psychometric proprieties of the Perceived Stress Scale-4 items version in romania. Validation in organizational context.


University of Bucharest, Department of Psychology


The objective of this research is to culturally adapt the Perceived Stress Scale questionnaire in Romanian organizational climate, to analyze the psychometrics proprieties of the three versions of the questionnaire and to determine the best version for the Romanian culture. At this study participated 219 persons with the age between 21 and 56 years old (M= 30,49, SD= 7,65), 153 persons of female gender and 86 persons of male gender. Results: psychometrics proprieties of the three variants of PSS are at an acceptable level, all of the three variants could be used in Romanian culture, also they can be used in organizational context and general context. Stress correlates statistically significant with job satisfaction (r= -.22, p<.01), work frustration (r= -.40, p<.01), turnover (r=.27, p<.01), wellbeing (r= -.56, p<.01), confirming all the hypothesis studied.

Keywords: stress, adaption, Romanian culture, organizational, context, turnover

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