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Tags: kangoo jumps , well-being , life satisfaction , exercise , BĂLTĂREŢU IULIA

Physical activity and emotional life adjustments – a study of kangoo jumps training effects


 University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education


Kangoo jumps training is an explosive and motivating program conceived in order to put the entire body in function, developing muscular mass and resistance. There are studies which show that practicing physical activities has both immediate and long term effects in increasing wellbeing and significantly decreasing the symptoms of depression and anxiety. The present paper proposes to identity whether there is an influence of kangoo jumps training upon obtaining wellbeing and ameliorating negative emotions. We have randomly selected a sample of 32 female participants that never participated to kangoo jumps trainings before and were willing to participate to at least four training sessions. In order to evaluate well-being we have utilized the questionnaire of emotion evaluation as state and trait MEST-RO – questionnaire, with the pretest – posttest experimental plan for dependent groups and for the same group of subjects. Findings: the level of wellbeing and life satisfaction of the participants has increased as a result of four sessions of kangoo jumps training, ever since the first session of training.

Keywords: kangoo jumps, well-being, life satisfaction, exercise

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