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Tags: LARISA ELENA NICULICEA , stress , aggression , traffic conditions , driver’s behaviour , coping



Larisa Elena Niculiceaa

aPsychologist, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Bucharest University


Thestudy tries to investigate the stress factors in traffic conditions, their influence on the driver and the copping strategies used to reduce stress and aggression.

The sample consisted in 31 participants, aged between 20 and 47 years old, both males and females, from rural and urban areas. In order to investigate the self-perceivedlevel of stress and aggression,we developed a questionnaire with these two dimensions. We also used two situational tasks: driving a car on a route in two conditions (a route with normal traffic conditions and the same route but in the presence of stressors). After the subjects completedthe task, the questionnaire was applied. The results showed that the level of stress and aggressionare higher in the presence of stressors. The statistical analysis revealed significant correlations between the various aspect of stress and the coping strategies. A strong association was observed between the aggressive driving style and the number of accidents recorded so far.  

Keywords:stress, aggression, traffic conditions, driver’s behaviour, coping


This article can be cited as:

L.E. Niculicea (2010). An experimental design concerning the self-perception  aggression in traffic simulation task. Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology vol.1, no.1, pp. 14-33, 2010.

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