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Tags: ANA MARIA CAZAN , MIHAI ANITEI , self-regulated learning , learning strategies , academic adjustment , academic performances , learning motivation



Ana Maria Cazana, Mihai AniĊ£eib

aPhD Student, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Bucharest, Romania

bProffesor PhD, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Bucharest, Romania



Topic and goals of the research: in recent years, self-regulated learning has become a key concept in educational psychology and it has a central importance in explaining academic performances and academic achievement. Self-regulated learning is viewed as a process in which students actively and constructively monitor and control their own motivation, cognition and behavior toward the successful completion of academic tasks.The research aims to highlight the motivational orientations and the self regulated learning strategies used by first year students, related to their academic performances.

Participants: the participants were 117 first year students at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, from two different specializations: Psychology (55 students) and Education Sciences (62 students).

Method: the research is a correlational study. We used MSLQ (The Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire) elaborated by Pintrich and his colleagues (1991) and adapted for the Romanian population and CAA - The Academic Adjustment Questionnaire elaborated by Clinciu (2003). 

Results: the results highlight the fact that the use of self-regulated learning strategies is strongly associated with academic adjustment. The hypothesis that self-regulated learning strategies and intrinsic motivation are efficient predictors of academic adjustment has been confirmed. Also, we have demonstrated the existence of a typology of students, depending on their motivational orientations and on the learning strategies they are using in the context of academic learning.


Keywords: self-regulated learning, learning strategies, academic adjustment, academic performances, learning motivation

This article can be cited as:

A.M. Cazan & M. Anitei (2010). Motivation, learning strategies and academic adjustment. Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology  vol.1, no.1, pp. 50-58, 2010.

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