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Tags: MARCU ALEXANDRA , MIHAI GEORGIANA , NEDELCU RAMONA , exit fluctuation index , low level of fluctuation , personnel reduction , school curriculum


Bucharest University, Master of Organizational Psychology and Human Resource

In this document we can see the results of the personnel fluctuation in the educational institution „Gheorghe Lazar”. The educational institution “Gheorghe Lazăr”, founded in1977 is situated in Zalău, Sălaj County. The institution is one of the most prestigious schools in the county, remarked for the results obtained by students and for the professionalism of the teachers. Objectives: The main goal of the school is student formation, training and education, in order to obtain performances, as well as continuous teacher training, in order to improve the overall situation of the public educational system. Method: Particpants:The institution uses a staff of 50 persons yearly, among which: 14 primary school teachers, 34 middle school teachers, 5 leadership and administration positions and 11 auxiliary personnel positions. Each year a number of experienced teachers leave the school, being replaced by younger less experienced teachers. Material/ Instruments: calculation of fluctuation indexes using specifically formulas. Although the fluctuation in this organization is small, the indices obtained in relation with the total number of positions are a little worrying. Results: According the results in 2009 five out of 14 teachers left. This number is not particularly small considering it represents approximately 35% of the total number of teacher positions. Conclusions: If this percentage is not worrying, then you should take into account that this study was conducted in a school and 35% of those teachers had more experience in the field than the possible new ones coming to occupy those positions.

Keywords: exit fluctuation index, low level of fluctuation, personnel reduction, school curriculum.

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