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Tags: ELENA-SIMONA INDREICA , CAMELIA TRUŢA , motivation , emotion regulation , athletes , conduct shaping

Intrinsic motivation and emotion management in shaping athlete’s conduct

Elena-Simona Indreica, Camelia Truţa
Transilvania University of Braşov, Department of Psychology and Traning in Education


It is known that, during a sport competition, mental pressure is high and this inevitably leads to a series of strong emotions, sometimes to the detriment of the athlete. To cope, the athlete must demonstrate not only outstanding driving skills, but also appropriate management of emotions. The results of present investigation highlighted the need for enhancing intrinsic motivation of athletes in order to better regulate their emotions. The paper discusses the theoretical model of this relation and launches a proposal to be included in practice - "Journal of motifs of emotions".

Cuvinte cheie: motivație, managementul emoțiilor, sportivi, modelarea conduitei.

Keywords:  motivation, emotion regulation, athletes, conduct shaping. 

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