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Tags: CAMELIA TRUȚA , CĂTĂLINA NIȚOIU , consumer decision-making style , positive/negative affectivity , personality


Personality factors and emotions involved in consumer decision-making styles

Camelia Truța, Cătălina Nițoiu
Transilvania University of Brașov, Department of Psychology and Training in Education


Consumer decision-making styles vary across cultures, as previous studies suggest. This paper intends to identify the factorial structure of Consumer Style Inventory (Sproles & Kendall, 1986) on a sample of youth Romanian consumers, being the first attempt in this direction. Also, the possible relations with personality variables were investigated. The findings offers support for an extended analysis of consumer decision-making styles are being influenced by both cultural and personal factors. 

Cuvinte cheie:   stil decizional de consum, afectivitate pozitivă/negativă, personalitate.

Keywords:  consumer decision-making style, positive/negative affectivity, personality.

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