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Tags: LAURA TEODORA DAVID , creativity , psychological assessment , testing , originality , usefulness

Testing creativity: a road with many bifurcations

Laura Teodora David
Transilvania University of Brasov, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences


Creativity is considered a very resourceful concept, and if we look at it from a practical approach, then the concept become even more important. Testing creativity brings in the topic of defining creativity. There are at least four perspectives involved in creativity understanding: the process, the person, the product and the pressure from outside. Each of these perspectives promotes their own methods in testing creativity. They raise awareness about what creativity means, but also generate debates and unsatisfactory knowledge. In the following paper the four perspectives will be analyzed through their contribution to testing creativity. New suggestions in using the specialized instruments are also discussed. The most recent findings promote the idea of mixt techniques in order to find relevant information about the target concept. Correspondingly, mixt sources are recommended such as self-evaluation, hetero-evaluation and objectives measures. Walking the road of creativity testing leads toward the possibility to identify creative persons or people with creative potential, to be able to understand creativity and to plan programs that enhance it, to find the contribution of different abilities to creativity and to predict behavior related with creativity. The field is fertile, nevertheless intriguing and controversial.

Cuvinte cheie:   creativitate, psihodiagnostic, testare, originalitate, utilitate

Keywords:  creativity, psychological assessment, testing, originality, usefulness


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