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Tags: ELENA OTILIA VLADISLAV , divorce , parental conflict , psychological evaluation , projective methods

Psychological evaluation of the children caught in the trap of parental conflict

Elena Otilia Vladislav
University of Bucharest, Department of Psychology


The present paper presents the negative impact of the parents' conflict among their children, after a divorce. Numerous studies mention the negative effects of the parents' divorce on their children, both on a short therm and a long therm. The most affected are the children caught in relationships of alliance with one parent against the other. During expertise analysis conducted as part of custody lawsuits, the evaluator will be interested both in evaluating the direct relationship between the child and parents and also by evaluating the relational needs of the children and the representation they have formed related to their parents. While the interview emphasizes what the child can declare, the projective methods are destined to help the child express his more profound beliefs. We will describe three study cases which describe the role of projective methods in revealing the emotions experienced by children caught in parental conflict.

Cuvinte cheie: divorţ, conflict parental, evaluare psihologică, metode proiective

Keywords: divorce, parental conflict, psychological evaluation, projective methods


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