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Tags: transgender identity , peer group , group identity , health outcomes , AMODEO ANNA LISA , PICARIELLO SIMONA , SCANDURRA CRISTIANO , VALERIO PAOLO


Identity and peer group in transgender people: some reflections from an italian experience

Amodeo Anna Lisaa, Picariello Simonaa, Scandurra Cristianoa, Valerio Paolob

aUniversity of Naples Federico II, Department of Humanistic Studies

bUniversity of Naples Federico II, Department of Neuroscience and Reproductive and Odontostomatologic Sciences



This paper addresses from a theoretical point of view the issue of the development of transgender identity and the role that peer groups play in this complex process. A brief review on core identity literature is provided, principally dealing with some models on transgender identity construction. These substantially highlight how transgender people usually go through different and contrasting stages before reaching a definite and firm transgender identity. The function of the others in the definition of self is central, as possibility for being recognized and valued. 

In particular, major argumentations about the healthy and protective effects of peer groups’ affiliation for transgender people’s are presented. Peer groups, indeed, can foster self-disclosure, improvement of inner and social resources can provide a valid support and thus promotes general psychosocial well-being. Some clinical and intervention implications are discussed.   

Cuvinte cheie:identitate, transsexuali, anturaj, identitate de grup, rezultatele din domeniul sănătăţii.

Keywords:  transgender identity, peer group, group identity, health outcomes.


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