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Tags: socialization , social communication , old people , social communicative barriers , IONELA ROXANA UREA

Some features of social communication at old people

Ionela Roxana Ureaa

aUniversity of Bucharest,


Being old in today’s society is a constant challenge and a struggle for each of the seniors. It is also a challenge for the society in order to prevent an intense deterioration of the old people’s biological, psychological and social state.

Researchers from different fields (medicine, economy, psychology, social work, social pedagogy etc.) try to reveal the benefit of keeping the old people active. Recently, these preoccupations have been reflected in the policy of U.E. called “Active aging” and they have opened new directions of developing social services for old people.

This paper started from the basic idea that social communication is an indicator of social integration of each person. It tries to reveal some of the features of social communication at old people for a better understanding of the phenomena and for the future development of personalized interventional programs addressed to all the interested parties.    

Cuvinte cheie:   socializare,comunicare socială, persoane de vârsta a III-a, bariere în comunicarea socială

Keywords: socialization, social communication, old people, social communicative barriers


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