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Tags: emotional regulation , librarians , labor , emotional exhaustion , effort , MIHAI VALENTIN CIOLACU

Emotional regulation strategies proposed to librarians to reduce emotional burnout

Mihai Valentin Ciolacua

aUniversity of Bucharest, Department of Psychology


This study has proposed to investigate the main strategies and techniques for emotion regulation, the emotional effort made by librarians and the main difficult situations they are faced with. Two courses were developed to make their activity more efficient. The impact of these courses was evaluated using a set of five questionnaires. After the initial evaluation that used the "Management scale of workplace emotions" developed by Brotheridge and Lee (2003) translated and adapted for the population of Romania by Truţă (2010), "HELS Scale" developed by Chu and Murrmann ( 2006), translated and adapted by Truţă (2010), "DEELS Scale"  developed by Golm and Tews (2004), translated and adapted by Truţă (2010) and " Labor characteristics Scale" developed by Diefendorff et. al (2005) translated and adapted by Truţă (2010), EQR (Emotion Regulation Questionnaire) Scale - this scale was developed by Gross and John (2003). The librarians attended two 3 hours courses that approached themes like: Emotional regulation, Emotional regulation strategies and techniques, Communication techniques, Relaxation techniques, Breathing techniques, Distraction techniques. Besidse the theoretical part the courses had a practical component in which the participants had the opportunity to practice the techniques presented by role playing.  The experimental design is an intra-subjects type, which means that an evaluation was made through the above mentioned questionnaires on the same participants before and after attending the two courses. The participants tested in this study are 35 librarians from the Central University Library of Bucharest - Carol I.                             

Cuvinte cheie: reglare emotionala, bibliotecari ,munca, epuizare emotionala, efort.

Keywords: emotional regulation, librarians, labor, emotional exhaustion, effort.

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