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Tags: STELIANA RIZEANU , gambling , antisocial personalities , pathological form of the game of chance , environmental challenges , management of anger




University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Doctoral School

Hyperion University, Faculty of Psychology



Pathological form of the game of chance/gambling is a major psychiatric disorder that has in recent years begun to receive more attention by researches. Psychological repercussions of the pathological form of the game of chance or gambling have questioned the player's personality structure and premorbid personality traits. Present literature review shows that there is no personality profile available for all people with pathological form of the game of chance, studies have shown that many of these symptoms of depression, anxiety, have a low tolerance for boredom can be classified as dependent or antisocial personalities. Custer (1984) believes that all players have a chance pathological of personality over time has been influenced by environmental challenges. In the general theory of addictions made ​​by Jacobs (1986) states that there is a dissociative condition in people with pathological form of the game of chance in which interacting predisposing factors and individual risk factors. Predisposing factors refer to a state of physiological rest unipolar and feelings of inadequacy, shame and guilt experienced during childhood, and the game is considered a mechanism deliberately activated to achieve an altered state identity (Lupu, 2008). A meta-analysis of associated comorbidities game of chance conducted by Lorains disease, Cowlishaw and Thomas (2011) found that 60.1% of the players are also pathological chance nicotine dependence, 57.5% are dependent on prohibited substances, 37.9% have mood disorders and anxiety disorders 37.4%.

Keywords: gambling, antisocial personalities, pathological form of the game of chance, environmental challenges, management of anger.

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6. S. Rizeanu (2012). Personality types of gambling pathological player. Romanian  Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology, vol. 3, no.3, pp. 39-45, 2012.

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