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Maria Nicoleta Turliuca, Mirela Ciudina, Viorel Robub

a “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Department of Psychology, Iasi, Romania

b “Petre Andrei” University from Iasi, Department of Social and Humanistic Sciences, Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences, Iasi, Romania


The McMaster Family Assessment Device has been designed to capture seven key dimensions of family functioning. It allows the assessment of problem solving, communication, roles, affective involvement, affective responsiveness, behavioral control, and general functioning of a family. This paper reports some psychometric properties of a 35-item short version of the Family Assessment Device. Based on the responses given by 647 Romanian adolescents to the original 53-item version and the corrected item-total correlations ≥ 0.30, between four and seven items were retained for each scale of the Family Assessment Device. A hypothetical measurement model with seven first-order latent factors fitted satisfactorily to the data. An alternative model with one second-order latent factor also provided satisfactory fit with the data. Internal consistencies were good for the General Functioning, Affective Involvement, Affective Responsiveness, and Behavioral Control, and satisfactory for the Problem Solving, Communication, and Roles scales. For the short Family Assessment Device, test-retest reliabilities ranged between 0.61 and 0.84 (N = 149). Empirical evidence for construct validity is also reported. Scales from the short version of the Family Assessment Device showed positive correlations with perceived social support from family and satisfaction with family. The findings of our study support the use of the 35-item version of the Family Assessment Device to assess the overall functioning of Romanian adolescents’ families.

Keywords: family functioning, short version of the Family Assessment Device, confirmatory factor analysis, reliability, construct validity.

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