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Alexandru Găianu

Private Psychological Practice, Organizational psychology


The need to understand what behaviour should be adopted by the manager of an organization in order to be able to efficiently motivate his employees led to the identification of certain features of their personality structure, in order to explain what type of actions, tasks, activities and responsibilities motivates them more. Those features are nothing but motivational traits, which depending on certain specific organizational factors, the current activity, climate, organizational culture etc., are grouped in several categories more general that we named motivational factors and based on which behavioural and communication strategies, necessary to motivation, can be developed.  These motivational factors are closely linked to the behaviour that the organization expects from the employees and to the significance that this behaviour has in individual plan. “Motivational Map” is a value diagram of motivational factors, which gives the manager the opportunity to create work teams made up of employees motivated by the values ​​and actions required for carrying out a professional activity, their achievement being much higher. One of the objectives was to identify the motivational traits related to performance, then to identify the motivational factors specific to the departments and ultimately to make “the motivational map” at the level of each department. The answers of the questionnaire administered by us in the organization, including the 23 employees of the CD department were processed by factor analysis (PCA). The questionnaire used, AMI – Achievement Motivation Inventory, measures 17 personality scales that contribute to the assessment of motivation in order to obtain professional achievement. Following the analysis, personality scales were grouped into relevant motivational factors subject to “the motivational map”. We believe that the most important aspect highlighted in this article is this “tool” that a manager can use in his decisions, along with the other management tools, the “motivational map”.

Keywords: motivation, reasoning, factors, teams, management, personality

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