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Tags: ALINA MUSCALU , institutional brand , personal brand , organizational psychology


University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Department of Doctoral School


”Brand is that product, service, organization, person who transmits a feeling of contentment and satisfaction for which the consumer does not find substitute" and could " appeal to emotional resorts which are outlined in everyone's mind, influencing positive or negative any decision at any level " (Cărămidă, 2010, p.58). According to Landor Lexicon, the brand is "the sum of all tangible and intangible characteristics that can individualize an offer and make it unique" (Anholt, 2005, p.116).
"The brand is developed as an answer to the identity of the needs of consumers”(Winram, 1987, p.23), offering "a unique set of values and attributes (tangible and intangible) that consumers could assimilate and who could arouse interest” (Murphy, 1987, p.3), ”creating significance and identification” (de Mooij și Hofstede, 2002, p. 64). The brand is seen as ” a set of rational and emotional associations ... is a symbol, an abstract structure able to generate lifestyles, consumer habits and communities who share the same ideas. Brand is a social aggregator and is completely different than the product" (Barbu, 2011, p.42). The brand is "an important asset, a significant competitive advantage for which must be adopted that strategy that ensure development and valorization more efficient" (Frone, 1999, p.18).
Therefore, we made a research whose main objective was aimed ” highlighting the main characteristics of the institutional brand reported to the financial and banking institutions for identifying market risks” whose hypothesis was ” is presumed that due to specific work activity in financial - banking institutions will record specific notes of the objectivity of institutional brand in relation to staff characteristics”.
The research was conducted on a total of 221 professionals working in finance. In this research we have used a range of research methods: documentation method, investigations method using Brand Questionnaire - built by me in 2012 and which is based on an analysis model by identifying two poles: the institution - as a legal entity with cultural and social values and the employee - with educational baggage, with regional specificity of ethical and social values, systemic observation method and statistical processing methods.
The research highlighted a number of specific elements regarding institutional brand reflected in the financial - banking institutions in Romania.

Keywords: institutional brand, personal brand, organizational psychology.

This article can be cited as:

4. A. Muscalu (2011). Brand parameters in financial-banking institutions.  Romanian Journal of Experimental Applied Psychology, vol. 2, no.4, pp. 28-35, 2011.

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