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“GO BEYOND YOURSELF” - Testing the Efficiency of A Short-Term Program of Social-Emotional Competencies Development for Young Adults Working in the IT Industry


aBabes-Bolyai University, Department of Psychology

DOI: 10.15303/rjeap.2015.v6i4a4



In this research, we intended to measure the efficiency of a condensed form of Your-SELF, as a program for the development of social-emotional competences of young working adults. The research hypothesis was that implementing a program on personal development called Your-SELF, will bring significant differences in the development of the social-emotional competences of the participants in the experimental group as compared to the other two groups in the study. We worked with 72 young adults aged 21-34, from 3 organizations from the IT area in Cluj Napoca, Romania. In order to measure the efficienty of the intervention, we used a scale called Social Emotional Competences Development Scale (SECD-I), which was prior translated and adapted for the Romanian population. The results in this study show that there was a significant difference between the experimental group that participated in the program and the other two groups, that were used as control ones. The results we achieved confirmed the hypothesis of the study, proving that the program Your-SELF can bring major contributions to developing social-emotional competences in the experimental group of young adults compared to the other two groups, even after a brief intervention of 32 hours. Caution is advised when working with small groups over short periods of time, so in the future we intend to increase the number of experimental groups and also add follow-up stages to measure the stability of the results.

Cuvinte cheie: training, competente, social-emotionale, munca, IT.  

Keywords: social-emotional; training; competences; work, IT.

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